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How Do Real Estate Representatives Judge Their Clients' Skill To Buy A House?

As a Realtor, how would you judge your customers' ability to purchase a house?

People used to dress up if they flew on an airplane also. What happened?

Companies that denied service based on the way the man in front of them was dressed found out that these were often losing good business. Casual clothing became the norm and it became difficult to tell how much cash a client had based on what they were wearing.

Real estate agents frequently employed similar requirements when a visitor to an Open House came in wearing a t-shirt and torn jeans, merely to identify that that guy could sell and buy 100 times to that house! Brokers have to be very careful these days and use other methods to find out if a prospective customer has the where-with-all to purchase that home or maybe not. We ask "are you pre-qualified?" or "have you seen a mortgage broker?" or we ask where they live now, how quickly they need to make a change, and so on.

Consider asking how long they have been seeking, and in what locations, what is inspiring them all to shop around, do they should purchase soon, etc. You will get a fairly good idea of their financial capacity by how they answer these questions.

What about the agent who's only too pleased to demonstrate that new client they got on a floor call lots of houses every weekend. At some point the agent needs to get serious with the prospective purchaser. One way to start that conversation is really to show them a & # 34; # 34 & Buyer / Broker; agreement where the customer is obligated to utilize the agent or maybe to pay them a percentage if they use someone else. Buyers can be scared by this however it's a good method to discuss how you get paid. Lots of people have NO thought visit this site that we don't get paid until the home closes, that people pay expenses and marketing costs for a house like brochures, advertising, food, etc. and that if the seller or buyer walks away we get nothing. There are few vocations such as this where we're not even reimbursed for our costs or our time!

You can try to ask them to give to you as their broker, and may ask they do get pre-qualified with a creditor, in case you have talked about this with your buyer. Should you be signing up a fresh listing as well as the sellers insist on lots of advertisement, etc., request them all to divide the cost of advertising. When the home sells you can even offer to reimburse them for advertisement costs.

If you are using logical methods to determining whether or not your customer can really buy a house you won't need to judge them according to their dress, their auto or the way they talk or waste time on individuals who will stay "looky-loos" forever. Lots less stress for you also!

I hope that prospective buyers and sellers have read this also, as they must be honest and upfront with agents since they work through the process, which can be agonizing at times. A superb agent with whom you have a great connection can make all the difference.

Jennifer Loucks
Broker Associate/JD
Frank Howard Allen
700 Fifth Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901

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